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Global Game, Chinese Rules: How Business is Adapting to China’s Unique Needs

Since the dramatic opening of the world’s most populous country during the 1970s, industries that thrived elsewhere in the world began developing in China more independently of (but never quite untouched by) government control. This development has often taken different forms depending on the industry. For some, domestic companies adopted the tactics and strategies of multinational corporations; in other sectors, firms developed innovative business models and tactical approaches to capture market share and navigate the unique challenges of operating in as large and complex a country as China. In the 2015 Wharton China Business Forum, thought leaders, business people, and academics will come together to explore how finance, social media, and mass consumerism have developed, both similarly and differently from in the West. We will also examine why business has sought out new solutions and what we can expect next as China continues its rise as the world’s most dynamic economy.